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Use text-to-speech on conference calls in quiet spaces

I’ve been interested in ideas for how to speak on phone calls in places where it’s not appropriate to talk loudly – such as in the quiet car on a train or in an Uber Pool.

I first researched stenographer masks (e.g. the Martel MM-18) but I found they were difficult to make work with new unified microphone/headphone ports. Also, they don’t fully muffle your voice in close quarters.

So I tried another approach: use text-to-speech technology to synthesize a voice from text. This means you can listen to the audio and contribute to the call without requiring you to physically speak.

Obviously, this is mostly an experiment. You couldn’t use this on most calls as your voice would sound very different. I thought it might be useful in a pinch though – especially when you’re travelling and you can’t get to a quiet place. On a related note: airlines typically ban VOIP calls on in-flight wifi. Would they care as much if they knew you didn’t have to speak?

Check out the code.


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